Josh Stanley, born February 9, 1996 in Nice (France), is a complete entertainer as he is composer,,singer and musician and not to forget dancer.. After winning a singing contest, Josh started composing songs. His career began when he was only 16 years old, with the song « Sarko » that triggered the Buzz on the Internet. The rock song released in October 2012 exceeded one million views on YouTube in just one month.

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Josh STANLEY ( Joshua Jordan Stanley) born in Nice (France) in 1996, lives in the Principality of Monaco since birth. He has a brother, four years his junior, Micah Logan and a sister Naomi Morgan two years his senior. He was raised in a family of German/britsh environment, as his fatheris of British origin and mother of German origin. This multicultural environment explains the ease of Josh to sing in French,German as well as English and even Chinese.
STANLEY Josh playing guitar since the age of 13 years and the drums since the age of 14, he composed his own songs which helped him win the contest "young idea" in 2012. It is a program of the National Education, Youth and Sports of Monaco. The program encourages young people aged 15 to 25 years in various fields such as community leadership, cultural arts, ….
Composing a song in English and Monegasque, Josh Stanley won the jury over with the Title “ The Good Life”. His next song “Radio” was his first breakthrough for radioplay.
His song "Radio" became the official jingle of the radio station "Riviera Radio 106.5 FM" which celebrated its 25th anniversary.
Josh gained notoriety at a local and regional level before being known on the Internet with a song that triggered the Buzz "Sarko". With over a million views on YouTube, the career of the young 16-year-old singer has taken a new dimension.



Année(s) Titre Description
2012 The Good Life Josh tells the life and happiness of Monaco's living.
2012 Radio Created for the 25th anniversary of the Radio station : "Radio Riviera".
2012 Dalaila The song created during the return of a language course in Germany and is dedicated to a wonderful girl Josh met.
2012 Sarko Tribute to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
2012 Abby normal Tells the story of a woman obsessed with eternal youth, who refuses to grow old and does everything to rejuvenate.
2012 Christmas song Christmas song.
2013 First Kiss Love song.
2013 Monster Electro mix Remix of the song « The Good Life » realized by Adrian BAX. This song has helped Josh to his first music video directed by Dan Josh Hart.
2013 C-Pop Il s’agit d’une chanson en anglais et en chinois !
2013 O’BAHAMA Tribute to the Bahamas, paradise.
2013 EVOLUTION focuses on the theme of the process of perpetual and inevitable change.



Competition "Young Ideas 2012" of the National Education of Monaco
The "young Ideas" contest fosters creativity, and pushes young people to get involved in a personal project.

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